Creating the Client Impact that Counts

Facilitating Beston’s Expansion



Beston Food Manufacturing Company


Food Manufacturing


Followed a traditional paper-based management system that constantly led to operational and management inefficiencies resulting in depleting business profitability and sustainability.


Designed and developed digital Production Management System that increased productivity by 20% in Phase 1. 

Solution Platform

Microsoft Azure


Obstacles at the production plant

Beston  took over the Shepparton site in 20[], and produces [].  Prior to purchase, the site had been following a traditional paper-based management system for many years. During this time, the business had begun to expand, but storing and finding information became increasingly difficult and both management and staff were unable to track production and manufacturing processes.  Further, this paper-based system was not tied into corporate reporting systems and a significant amount of time was spent each month to ensure information could be provided to corporate finance and management.  The paper-based system also meant that it was difficult to make operational improvements.

All these issues meant the plant was not performing as expected with management only able to hypothesise the reasons for poor performance (eg inefficient procurement, high waste of raw material, inaccurate numbers and inventory mismatches).

How we helped

Our process to work with client ensures that the client’s needs are kept front and centre.  We work with the client to understand their needs, design the solution with client feedback, develop the solution with regular client check-ins, and finally, deploy the solution.