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We believe every Australian Business needs a tailored IT solution to evolve with the challenges of today while making their businesses and lives easier. With over 10 years of experience in delivering IT solutions, our sustainable & people-driven strategies ensure a hassle-free work environment at every stage. We understand that change is difficult, but we make sure you happily embrace the change.

We deliver simple yet sustainable solutions at revolutionary prices.

We provide sustainable IT solutions to Australian businesses because we believe technology can make your business and life easier. Our experience in IT spans 10 years; We can say technology will surely help you to create a hassle-free work environment. We also understand change is difficult but we will ensure that you embrace/welcome the change happily.

Our Services

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing enables your business to access software on the internet as a service and is also a safe and affordable way of storing and sharing data to enhance your operations.

Mobile Application Development

Business mobile application development can cause a new demographic of customers to reach you, one that finds using Apps more preferable than a web browser.

Web Application Development

Endorse far-reaching and functional web development services to foster a strong online presence with increased returns.

API Development

APIs that power consumer-facing applications that enable new ways to engage and connect with your customers through web, mobile, and social apps.

Who we are

Australia’s most people-oriented IT company.


We are Australia’s most people-oriented IT company. Our vision is to digitally transform Australian businesses by providing sustainable IT solutions in the simplest way.

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Making your digital transformation simple

No matter what the issue, we provide simple and sustainable IT solutions at revolutionary prices.

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

No matter what your IT issue is, your IT support is always taken care of with Dekode. Dekode offers proactive and responsive IT support by understanding your business operations in depth and offering you personalised premium IT solutions.

Our Global Team

Highly Motivated Team with Sense of Humour

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